Protective gear

We have both 85% hand alcohol and Danish-produced mouthpieces.


Green Shield Face Mask Type2

Danish-produced face masks 

3-layer quality mask (disposable mouthpiece with ear elastics), which protects against particles in the air and helps if you sneeze / cough yourself, so that others are not affected.
The package contains 50 pieces, distributed with 5×10 in each subpackage.

Product name: Mouthpiece Type2 (II)
Material: Nonwoven
Country of production: Denmark.
The mask is EN14683, TYPE II approved.
It is CE marked – Medical Devices Directive (93/42 / EEC)
Bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) (%) = tested to 99.7%
Respiratory resistance (Pa / cm2) <40

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How to use our face masks

  • Wash hands thoroughly with soap or other bactericidal agent before use
  • Find the front of the mouthpiece, via logo or the blue color.
  • Place the two elastics on your ears.
  • Press and shape the metal stick over the nose so that your mouthpiece feels tight.
  • Do not attempt to touch the mouthpiece itself once it has been placed.
  • Remember to change your mouthpiece often and immediately if it gets wet or dirty.
  • When you need to take your mouthpiece off, hold the elastic by the ear, finally not on the mask itself.
  • A mouthpiece is made of plastic, so when you throw it out, it just needs to be in plastic waste.
  • Wash your hands after disassembly.
  • Now remember NOT to throw it in the wild!