Here you can read about how we have helped to create security 

Burglary and alarm installation

Unfortunately, burglary has become a common crime that can cause a great deal of anxiety to victims. We help our clients in Denmark and abroad with preventing this type of crime, but we also offer our services when a situation has already arisen.

A client contacted us and wanted help with setting up a complete alarm system in the family’s holiday home abroad.

The family had experienced an armed forced entry while they were at home. The forced entry had been violent and one of the family members had been attacked. This event affected the family profoundly and they no longer felt safe in their home with their existing security situation. We immediately decided to help the client and assigned a team to the task.

In the course of a couple of days, we installed a new security system in the home, which consisted of cameras, secure windows and an advanced alarm system.

We reviewed the new system with the family and informed them about how everything worked. We arranged for a visit to the local security authorities, who were made aware of the situation.

We also arranged some exercises with the family members so that they knew how to react should a similar situation arise again.

The family was also assigned a personal contact who was always available if there were questions or anything else that the family was worried about.

With the new security solutions, the family could feel safe in their holiday home again.

The employee who cheated

An organisation consists of its employees, and therefore it is extremely important that the employees share the company’s core values. This can be a major challenge, and it happens occasionally that poor recruitment and lead to problems in a company. Poor recruitment can have financial consequences and can be a cause of negative energy at work.

A client with previous experience with our security services contacted us because they suspected that an employee cheated when logginghis or her working hours. The hours were not added, and our client had a very bad feeling about the employee in question.

We immediately began to investigate this and as soon as we contacted the employee’s previous employers, it was confirmed that he/she had been fired due to involvement in irregularities.

By using our IT Forensics, we also found emails to prove that the employee used the current company’s services for personal gain.

As a result of our investigation, the company was able to fire the employee.

We also helped the client press charges all the way. After we handed over our investigation to the police, it did not take long before they were able to start a criminal case.

The client felt relieved about having fired the employee before further damage could be done to the company.

Event security 

Event Security is a service that we provide for both small and large events in order to reduce risks and create security. Our team has experience in both areas.

Large events with a lot of media coverage, such as fashion weeks, book fairs or political events require a comprehensive security solution that includes thorough planning and risk-prevention work, as well as ongoing assessments during the event.

Our event security team is comprised of experienced security consultants who are used to this type of event, and who can cooperate closely with the police.

A company that was to participate in a similar event contacted us to provide event security and personal security training for their employees.

The company wanted to have everything in working order without any problem and for the employees to feel safe throughout the entire event.

We gathered relevant information about potential threat scenarios to find out what risks were involved with the event and how to prevent them.

We planned which activities would require extra security and coordinated this with the police, who were also present at the event.

During the event, our team was constantly present together with the employees and was responsible for all coordination between the different activities.

Everything about the security at the event worked without any problem, and the employees were able to focus on their work and to feel safe.