Every fifth applicant to a position provides incorrect information, which can threaten your company. 

Background investigations

Experience shows that up to every fifth applicant to a position, who gets as far as the final round in the application process, has provided incorrect information in his or her application or during the employment process. Group Security offers to carry out background checks to ensure that the company does not experience negative surprises in connection with hiring, promotions or new cooperation agreements. We collect relevant information, which we analyse based on a risk and security perspective, we check references and confirm trustworthiness and authenticity.

Our partner in this area, 2Secure AB, has carried out over 8,000 background investigations in Scandinavia.

We can offer an independent department within screening, but also a platform in which the customer themselves can enter their information and order according to their needs. Checks are made on the data and information that the applicant has presented during the recruitment process.

The procedure is as follows

1. Start-up of the task

During a meeting with the company, we jointly identify the very concrete requirements for screening the selected service provider or applicant.

2. Information and checks

All of our employees who deal with screening have an academic background and experience with analysis work. We gather information from archives, authorities, registers, the Internet and other open sources. Our information gathering takes place according to a thoroughly tested method.

3. Analysis

Our partners’ analysts are educated in a number of different analysis models, which are used in connection with security work, in both private and public frameworks. Combined with a very broad range of experience within recruitment, this enables us to disclose relevant inconsistencies in the applicant’s background.