SmartWater – Marking 

Forensic fluid that helps police with tracking

What is SmartWater?

SmartWater is a forensic fluid. It cannot be seen with the naked eye – only under UV light, which makes the liquid glow bright greenish yellow. Smartwater contains a unique code that is registered in SmartWater’s database and which the police have direct access to. For example, if the police stop a car with a collection of stolen jewelry, the theft costs will be immediately traceable. The fact that the theft costs can be traced is a frightening scenario for burglars. Traceable goods are hard to sell, so earnings are smoking. If you can’t heel, there’s nothing to steal. At the same time, the police can more easily discover who is behind the crime. SmartWater has served internationally as evidence in hundreds of convictions.

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How does it work?

Our consultants reach out to your company or your private home where we analyze your needs. Here, in collaboration with you, we carry out the values ​​that must be “labeled”, after which either the customer himself carries out the labeling, or a consultant from 2Secure makes the labeling.