A whistle-blower scheme is a technical solution that makes it possible to carry out incident reporting regarding serious irregularities in a company.

Whistleblower directive

The EU Council of Ministers has made an EU directive, the Whistleblower Directive, which states that all private companies with more than 50 employees and / or annual turnover of more than 10 million euros must have a Whistleblower solution.

You can read much more about the requirement via the button, but we are ready with a solution.

Trust and sustainability

Whistleblowing is about trust and sustainability. Therefore, Group Security not only makes a reporting system available through our partner, 2Secure AB, but also ensures that the information is received by a person with the right competences.

All information is stored in an encrypted and security-tested system.

How the service functions

  • Secure customer-tailored web solution, which complies with GDPR
  • Telephone, letters, e-mails 24/7 (in a number of languages, as needed)
  • Classification and sorting of incoming reports
  • Assessment of the case and the information
  • Recommendations for further management
  • If it is decided to investigate the case, among other things, 2Secure can contribute with qualified investigators, consulting and support, gathering of evidence and recommendations for future risk management