With our many years of experience, we can help you investigate and find answers to your critical questions.

Get answers to your critical questions

Group Security is often contacted in situations where information or impartial investigation is needed, which can explain the circumstances regarding an incident. We help companies and private individuals or organisations find answers to critical questions. What happened? How could it happen? Who is responsible? Depending on the company’s situation, we offer tailored solutions to minimise damage and find a satisfactory solution.

Our investigation teams are experts in IT forensics and have access to Data Forensics Center (DCF), which can obtain information from digital devices (computers and mobile phones) that have been used for crime.

Experts with extensive experience

Group Security has extensive experience with carrying out investigations. We carry out tasks within replica goods investigation, due diligence, fraud and theft. Our investigation unit has consultants with many years of experience from national and international police units.

With our large international network, we are competent at investigating across national boundaries.

Group Security has employees who have comprehensive knowledge and experience when it comes to examining and investigating irregularities, possible disciplinary and criminal conditions, as well as concrete security incidents, including bribery, corruption, money laundering, fraud, embezzlement and other financial crimes, as well as IT criminality.

Group Security makes this expertise available when there is a need for consultancy or other form of assistance as part of handling cases where there is suspicion of irregularities, which may result in disciplinary sanctions, reporting to the police, civil claims, suspension of a cooperation partnership or other management matters.