Construction site security

We are there for our customers around the clock, all year round!

Safety, service and experience

Group Security has worked as a security company since 2012 and we offer our customers the following in security; construction site guard, surveillance, bodyguard, event guard, service guard and fixed guard tasks.

In many international companies, “Group Security” is synonymous with the department that solves the security challenges the company may face. It is therefore no coincidence that we have chosen this name as we act as the company’s security partner.

We look all the way around our customers and their real security needs. More security is not necessarily better security, and therefore you only pay for what you need.

How do we do it?

The need to secure construction sites is increasing, both in relation to employee safety, but also in relation to theft from construction sites.

Service philosophy

  • The customer can call us day and night and we act immediately.

  • The customer’s problem is our challenge. We keep our promises.

  • The customer must experience that they get more than they expect.

  • The customer receives ongoing duty reports so that they can keep up.

  • We evaluate and adapt the customer’s security package on an ongoing basis.

Avoid shrinkage and vandalism

In addition to the fact that shrinkage and vandalism on the construction site is an annoyance, it often also costs time, because new materials and tools must be procured and possibly re-established. destroyed construction. Therefore, we often recommend a fixed guard solution to ensure that this does not happen. Furthermore, a fixed guard is effective against vandalism on machines, buildings and sheds.


We offer the entire palette

  • Fixed guard
  • Roundings
  • Access control
  • Output control
  • Security procedure
  • Video surveillance
  • Alarms
  • Construction site fencing
  • Radio communication
  • Signs
  • Cleaning, eg of sheds and final cleaning
  • Shrinkage prevention
  • Focus on mandatory use of helmet and safety shoes
  • Eye wash stations
  • First aid and firefighting equipment